Marketing Automation

HubSpot® Marketing Automation

Businesses both big and small need to control costs by minimizing the number of staff required for both sales and customer service. In partnership with the HubSpot® marketing platform and CRM, we can add custom features such as personalized smartphone SMS communications, integrate your website or CRM with HubSpot® sales tools, or migrate your existing customer information to the HubSpot® CRM.

Behavior-Based Customer Communications

Email Marketing

Every customer journey is different. Using a variety of different technologies, we help businesses automatically track customer interactions with their brand and use this information to generate relevant automated communications based on actual customer behavior.

SMS Marketing and Customer Service

SMS Marketing

As the vast majority of consumers worldwide have mobile devices on them throughout the day with push-notifications and alerts for incoming texts, SMS is the #1 way to grab the attention of prospects and customers. From promotional messages, to order/issue updates, to automatic surveys with easy push-button connect to a live agent, Netfluence can setup and manage your SMS communications for maximum impact.

Email Marketing Workflows

Marketing Workflows

The days of one-size-fits-all email promotional ‘blasts’ are long over. We help companies develop customer-specific workflows for email promotions, newsletters, and product updates that are relevant to each recipient, significantly increasing the odds they will act on your messaging.

Lead Intelligence

Lead Intelligence

Using website behavior-tracking software, we can install a ‘lead-intelligence’ module into your sales CRM that provides historical information about a specific customer’s browsing history on your website (such as products-viewed, articles read, forms submitted, and more), enabling reps to quickly identify a prospect’s interests or needs and close deals faster.